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Alexis Medrano

Hey guys, my name is Alexis Medrano and welcome to my Kitchen! Un poco sobre mi, I am Mexican-American born in the heart of San Diego, just 15 mins from the border of Mexico. My family and I moved to the UK when I was 9 years old in 1998 (if you are trying to work out my age- DON'T). If you were around in 98, you are also very aware there was no "Authentic" Mexican food in London. Therefore to survive, my family and I would smuggle all the main essentials with us into the U.K (even if that meant bribing a few people at LAX with a tamale or two - Fun fact: they never said no) We would bring with us Corn Tortillas, grandma's tamales and a hell of a lot of Beans! If you know me, you know I love all things Frijoles!

Struggling to speak Spanish or find authentic Mexican food in the UK, mi hermana y yo we would thrive to be to Chingonas (badass women) in the Kitchen instead. So we began learning and exploring recipes from our own mother, family members and friends during our summer visits back home to California. 

No recipe is perfect in our family, its always been a taste and go situation, as I imagine it's the same in most ethnic houses. However over the years and even since launching the business in 2019, I've managed to narrow it down ,to bring you all the flavours of our Chicano house right to your door. We really hope you enjoy!

From our home to yours

Alexis Medrano

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